Auditions have now been announced for ‘The Unexpected Guest’ by Agatha Christie running 12th – 16th May 2015!


Date of read through: Monday 12th January 2015.  8pm. 

Date of Audition: Monday 19th January 2015.  8pm onwards. 

Dress Rehearsals: 9th - 10th May 2015

Show: 12th – 16th May 2015


Please let me know if you are interested but are unable to make these dates.

Rehearsal days are flexible to suit cast.  However, not everyone will need to attend every rehearsal as it is very well split into sections.


Time period: 1950s

Setting: Richard Warwick’s study


Richard Warwick has been shot dead in his study - but who by? There are a number of suspects, many of whom wanted him dead, but who actually did it?  Is it his wife? His mother? His step-brother? His wife’s lover or Members of his household?


All parts are up for grabs.  Most can be played by any age of person and some can be any gender.  So basically, everyone has a chance of being cast regardless of age or gender!




1.            Richard – the deceased.  Non-speaking, non-moving! (won’t need to attend many rehearsals!) – Age: old enough to be married to Laura.

2.            Laura  – wife of the deceased.  Hated her husband.  Could be the killer. Having an affair with Julien.  Fond of Jan.  Medium-Large part.  Age: old enough to be married to Richard and be having an affair with Julien.

3.            Julien – local MP.  Having an affair with Laura.  Disliked Richard. Could be the Killer.  Medium Part.  Age: Old enough to be having an affair with Laura and be an MP.

4.            Mrs Warwick – Richard’s mother.  Disliked what her son had become.  Could be the killer.  Medium-Small part.  Age: Old enough to be Richard’s mother.

5.            Bennett – staff.  Looks after Jan.  Worked for the family for a while.  Didn’t like Richard. Could be the killer.  In script she is a woman, but could be played by a man if needed.  Any age.  Medium-small part.

6.            Angell – staff.  Looked after Richard.  Not a fan of him.  Knows about the affair of Laura and Julien and uses it to his advantage.  Could be the killer.  In script he is a man, but could be played by a woman if needed.  Any age.  Small part.

7.            Jan – Richard’s half-brother.  Didn’t like Richard.  Could be the killer.  Described in the script, (written in the 1950s) as a ‘retard’, but clearly we won’t be using that word!  He is an adult but remains very child-like and excitable and needs looking after.  This is the most challenging part because of the need to convey the special needs of this character.  Medium sized part. Any age.  Could be woman if we needed. 

8.            Inspector – tries to solve the murder.  Medium Part.  Any age.  Male. 

9.            Sergeant – tries to solve the murder.  Small part.  Any age.  Could be male or female.

10.          Michael – guest of Richard at the time of the murder.  Could be the killer.  Any age.  Male.  Medium-Large part.


Please contact Laura Chinn for details of audition venue and any details regarding the show on:


Hope to see you on the 12th!